Live Bpl Liverpool Vs Sunderland

Live BPL Liverpool vs Sunderland

Live Bpl Liverpool Vs Sunderland

Sunderland vs Liverpool Live Football

On 26.11.2016 Time 15:00 GMT

Liverpool vs Sunderland live

The Liverpool vs Sunderland will compete each other for the Barclay’s Premier League match at the Anfield, Liverpool,England.This match will be begin at the scheduled time, 15:00 GMT , on 26th November 2016.The Liverpool haven’t lost any Premier League game from Sunderland at the Anfield, as they have won 7 matches and 8 draws. In last 20 BPL matches Sunderland have won just 2 games against Liverpool in 2009-2012.

Liverpool vs Sunderland
Premier League
Tomorrow, 15:00 GMT
Anfield, Liverpool

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