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Watch Live Ingolstadt Vs Hamburger

Watch Ingolstadt vs Hamburger Live

German Bundesliga Online

On 28th January 2017 start at 14:30 GMT

Watch Hamburger vs Ingolstadt Bundesliga football match live coverage which will be played on Saturday 28th January 2017 at Audi-Sportpark, Ingolstadt, Germany, starting up time is 14:30 GMT.
Start up time and Date: 14:30 GMT 28th January
Day: Saturday
Stadium:  Audi-Sportpark, Ingolstadt
ingolstadt vs hamburger live
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Live Werder Bremen Vs Ingolstadt

Werder Bremen vs Ingolstadt football match live

n 3rd of December 2016, Saturday  at Weserstadion, Bremen beginning time is 14:30 GMT

Werder Bremen vs Ingolstadt are going to play Bondesliga football match on Saturday 3rd December 2016 at Weserstadion, Bremen Germeny kick off time is 14:30 GMT

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Live Ingolstadt FC

Watch Ingolstadt FC Live Streaming

fc Ingolstadt 04 logo

Football-Club Ingolstadt 04 e.V., commonly known as FC Ingolstadt 04, was formed in Ingolstadt, Bavaria in Feb 2004, due to military background logo they are called as Die Schanzer. The club’s home stadium is Audi Sportpark, and currently they participate in Bundesliga. In addition the Peter Jackwerth is present chairman and Maik Walpurgis is current head coach of this club. The club has won 2.Bundesliga (II), Bayernliga (IV), Under 19 Bayernliga, Under 17 Bayernliga, Bezirksoberliga Oberbayern (women).

fc Ingolstadt 04 stadium

Current players are:

1 Orjan Nyland, 3 Anthony Jung, 6 Alfredo Morales, 7 Mathew Leckie, 8 Roger, 9 Moritz Hartmann, 10 Pascal Gross, 11 Dario Lezcano, 13 Robert Leipertz, 14 Stefan Lex, 16 Lukas Hinterseer, 17 Hauke Wahl, 18 Romain Bregerie, 19 Max  Christiansen, 21 Sonny Kittel, 22 Nico Rinderknecht, 24 Fabijan Buntic, 28 Tobias Levels, 29 Markus Suttner, 31 Maurice Multhaup, 32 Marcel Tisserand, 33 Florent Hadergjonaj, 34 Marvin Matip, 35 Martin Hansen, 36 Almog Cohen, 39 Christian Ortag. Players out on loan are Elias Kachunga, Kerem Bulbul and Thomas Pledl.

ingolstadt players

The  FC Ingolstadt 04 (II) also formed in 2004, it is reserved team of The FC Ingolstadt 04. and Tuja-Stadion is the club’s home stadium.
Furthermore, manager of this club is Stefan Leitl and currently they play in Regionalliga Bayern (IV).

fc Ingolstadt 04 players

Current players:

Nico Dantscher, Ralf Schroder, Niko Reislohner, Michael Zant, Thorsten Nicklas, Darius Jalinous, Sammy Ammari, Roman Schweizer, Patrick Hasenhuttl, Florian Schwaiger, Mario Gotzendorfer, Christoph Fennnger, Simon Ollert, Andreas Buchner, Ryoma Watanabe, Maximilian Thalhammer, Marcel Schiller, Albano Gashi, Giuseppe Leo, Leon Fischhaber, Thomas Kurz.

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