Premier League Schedule for 2022/23 Official Released: TV Schedule, Live Stream, Dates & Times

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Premier League Schedule For 2022 23 Official Released TV Schedule

Premier League Schedule for 2022/23 Official Released: TV Schedule, Live Stream, Dates & Times

English Premier League 2022-23 TV Schedule Live Stream


The Premier League (EPL) schedule 2022-23 has been announced on Thursday, June 16, 2022, it will kick off on 5 August 2022, when Crystal Palace will play against Arsenal at Selhurst Park in London.

The EPL defending champ Manchester City, who won their second successive league title last season and their sixth Premier League title since 2012. Man. City defends its title after two days against West Ham at the London Stadium.

When will the Premier League 2022-23 Season start?

The 2022-23 EPL season schedule will begin on Saturday 6 August 2022. The Premier League will kick off earlier than usual because the 2022 FIFA World Cup will take place in November to December.

When does the Premier League take a break for the 2022 World Cup?

The 2022-23 seasons will take a break after the 16th round ends on November 13. After the World Cup 2022 ended on 18 December, the EPL matches will recommence on 26 December.

When will the Premier League 2022-23 season end?

The EPL final day will take place on 28 May 2023

Which teams will participate in the 2022-23 Premier League?

There are 20 teams will play in the 2022-23 Premier League competition which is given below:

West Ham United, Arsenal, Fulham, Aston Villa, Leeds United, Bournemouth, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Nottingham Forest, Brentford, Leicester City, Brighton and Hove Albion, Crystal Palace,  Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle United, Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur,

How to watch Premier League Live Stream GLOBALLY?

The Premier League (EPL) is the top league of the English football league system. Regrettably, due to broadcasting rights and rules, some games are blocked by UK viewers, while others are not available to people from different places.
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Check the below 2022-23 EPL (Premier League) complete TV schedule.

2022-23 Premier League TV schedule

Friday, 5 August
Crystal Palace vs Arsenal, Time: 20:00

Saturday, 6 August
Fulham vs Liverpool, Time: 12:30
AFC Bournemouth vs Aston Villa
Leeds vs Wolves
Newcastle vs Nottingham Forest
Spurs vs Southampton
Everton vs Chelsea, Time: 17:30

Sunday 7 August
Leicester vs Brentford, Time: 14:00
Man Utd vs Brighton, Time: 14:00
West Ham vs Man City, Time: 16:30

Saturday 13 August
Aston Villa vs Everton, Time: 12:30
Arsenal vs Leicester
Brighton vs Newcastle
Man City vs AFC Bournemouth
Southampton vs Leeds
Wolves vs Fulham
Brentford vs Man Utd, Time: 17:30

Sunday 14 August
Nottingham Forest vs West Ham, Time: 14:00
Chelsea vs Spurs, Time: 16:30

Monday 15 August
Liverpool vs Crystal Palace, Time: 20:00

Saturday 20 August
Spurs vs Wolves, Time: 12:30
Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa
Everton vs Nottingham Forest
Fulham vs Brentford
Leicester v Southampton
AFC Bournemouth vs Arsenal, Time: 17:30

Sunday 21 August
Leeds vs Chelsea, Time: 14:00
West Ham vs Brighton, Time: 14:00
Newcastle vs Man City, Time: 16:30

Monday 22 August
Man Utd vs Liverpool, Time: 20:00

Saturday 27 August

Southampton vs Man Utd, Time: 12:30
Brentford vs Everton
Brighton vs Leeds
Chelsea vs Leicester
Liverpool vs AFC Bournemouth
Man City vs Crystal Palace
Arsenal vs Fulham, Time: 17:30

Sunday 28 August
Aston Villa vs West Ham, Time: 14:00
Wolves vs Newcastle, Time: 14:00
Nottingham Forest vs Spurs, Time: 16:30

Tuesday 30 August
Crystal Palace vs Brentford, Time: 19:30
Fulham vs Brighton, Time: 19:30
Southampton vs Chelsea, Time: 19:45
Leeds vs Everton, Time: 20:00

Wednesday 31 August
AFC Bournemouth vs Wolves, Time: 19:30
Arsenal vs Aston Villa, Time: 19:30
Man City vs Nottingham Forest, Time: 19:30
West Ham vs Spurs, Time: 19:45
Liverpool vs Newcastle, Time: 20:00

Thursday 1 September
Leicester vs Man Utd, Time: 20:00

Saturday 3 September
Everton vs Liverpool, Time: 12:30
Brentford vs Leeds
Newcastle vs Crystal Palace
Nottingham Forest vs AFC Bournemouth
Spurs vs Fulham
Wolves vs Southampton
Aston Villa vs Man City, Time: 17:30

Sunday 4 September
Chelsea vs West Ham, Time: 14:00
Brighton vs Leicester, Time: 14:00
Man Utd vs Arsenal, Time:16:30

Saturday 10 September
Fulham vs Chelsea, Time: 12:30
AFC Bournemouth vs Brighton
Leicester vs Aston Villa
Liverpool vs Wolves
Southampton vs Brentford
Man City vs Spurs, Time: 17:30

Sunday 11 September

Arsenal vs Everton, Time: 14:00
West Ham vs Newcastle, Time: 14:00
Crystal Palace vs Man Utd, Time: 16:30

Monday 12 September
Leeds vs Nottingham Forest, Time: 20:00

Friday 16 September
Nottingham Forest vs Fulham, Time: 20:00

Saturday 17 September
Wolves vs Man City, Time: 12:30
Aston Villa vs Southampton
Brighton vs Crystal Palace
Everton vs West Ham
Newcastle vs AFC Bournemouth
Spurs vs Leicester, Time: 17:30

Sunday 18 September
Brentford vs Arsenal, Time: 14:00
Man Utd vs Leeds, Time:14:00
Chelsea vs Liverpool, Time: 16:30

Saturday 1 October
AFC Bournemouth vs Brentford
Arsenal vs Spurs
Crystal Palace vs Chelsea
Fulham vs Newcastle
Leeds vs Aston Villa
Leicester vs Nottingham Forest
Liverpool vs Brighton
Man City vs Man Utd
Southampton vs Everton
West Ham vs Wolves

Saturday 8 October
AFC Bournemouth vs Leicester
Arsenal vs Liverpool
Brighton vs Spurs
Chelsea vs wolves
Crystal Palace vs Leeds
Everton vs Man Utd
Man City vs Southampton
Newcastle vs Brentford
Nottingham Forest vs Aston Villa
West Ham vs Fulham

Saturday 15 October
Aston Villa vs Chelsea
Brentford vs Brighton
Fulham vs AFC Bournemouth
Leeds vs Arsenal
Leicester vs Crystal Palace
Liverpool vs Man City
Man Utd vs Newcastle
Southampton vs West Ham
Spurs vs Everton
Wolves vs Nottingham Forest

Tuesday 18 October
AFC Bournemouth vs Southampton, Time: 19:45
Arsenal vs Man City, Time: 19:45
Brentford vs Chelsea, Time: 19:45
Brighton vs Nottingham Forest, Time: 19:45
Fulham vs Aston Villa, Time: 19:45
Leicester vs Leeds, Time: 19:45
Crystal Palace vs Wolves, Time: 20:00

Wednesday 19 October
Newcastle vs Everton, Time: 19:45
Liverpool vs West Ham, Time: 20:00
Man Utd vs Spurs, Time: 20:00

Saturday 22 October
Aston Villa vs Brentford
Chelsea vs Man Utd
Everton vs Crystal Palace
Leeds vs Fulham
Man City vs Brighton
Nottingham Forest vs Liverpool
Southampton vs Arsenal
Spurs vs Newcastle
West Ham vs AFC Bournemouth
Wolves vs Leicester

Saturday 29 October
AFC Bournemouth vs Spurs
Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest
Brentford vs Wolves
Brighton vs Chelsea
Crystal Palace vs Southampton
Fulham vs Everton
Leicester vs Man City
Liverpool vs Leeds
Man Utd vsWest Ham
Newcastle vs Aston Villa

Saturday 5 November
Aston Villa vs Man Utd
Chelsea vs Arsenal
Everton vs Leicester
Leeds vs AFC Bournemouth
Man City vs Fulham
Nottingham Forest vs Brentford
Southampton vs Newcastle
Spurs vs Liverpool
West Ham vs Crystal Palace
Wolves vs Brighton

Saturday 12 November
AFC Bournemouth vs Everton
Brighton vs Aston Villa
Fulham vs Man Utd
Liverpool vs Southampton
Man City vs Brentford
Newcastle vs Chelsea
Nottingham Forest vs Crystal Palace
Spurs vs Leeds
West Ham vs Leicester
Wolves vs Arsenal

Monday 26 December
Arsenal vs West Ham
Aston Villa vs Liverpool
Brentford vs Spurs
Chelsea vs AFC Bournemouth
Crystal Palace vs Fulham
Everton vs Wolves
Leeds vs Man City
Leicester vs Newcastle
Man Utd vs Nottingham Forest
Southampton vs Brighton

Saturday 31 December
AFC Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace
Brighton vs Arsenal
Fulham vs Southampton
Liverpool vs Leicester
Man City vs Everton
Newcastle vs Leeds
Nottingham Forest vs Chelsea
Spurs vs Aston Villa
West Ham vs Brentford
Wolves vs Man Utd

Monday 2 January
Arsenal vs Newcastle
Aston Villa vs Wolves
Brentford vs Liverpool
Chelsea vs Man City
Crystal Palace vs Spurs
Everton vs Brighton
Leeds vs West Ham
Leicester vs Fulham
Man Utd vs AFC Bournemouth
Southampton vs Nottingham Forest

Saturday 14 January
Aston Villa vs Leeds
Brentford vs AFC Bournemouth
Brighton vs Liverpool
Chelsea vs Crystal Palace
Everton vs Southampton
Man Utd vs Man City
Newcastle vs Fulham
Nottingham Forest vs Leicester
Spurs vs Arsenal
Wolves vs West Ham

Saturday 21 January
AFC Bournemouth vs Nottingham Forest
Arsenal vs Man Utd
Crystal Palace vs Newcastle
Fulham vs Spurs
Leeds vs Brentford
Leicester vs Brighton
Liverpool vs Chelsea
Man City vs Wolves
Southampton vs Aston Villa
West Ham vs Everton

Saturday 4 February
Aston Villa vs Leicester
Brentford vs Southampton
Brighton vs AFC Bournemouth
Chelsea vs Fulham
Everton vs Arsenal
Man Utd vs Crystal Palace
Newcastle vs West Ham
Nottingham Forest vs Leeds
Spurs vs Man City
Wolves vs Liverpool


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