EPL ( Premier League ) Revised Schedule 2020 : Live Stream & TV Broadcasters

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Premier League Revised Schedule 2020 Live Stream TV Broadcasters

EPL ( Premier League ) Revised Schedule 2020 : Live Stream & TV Broadcasters

The Premier League 2019/20 revised schedule was confirmed. The Premier League 2019-20 season will officially begin on 17th June 2020, after a hundred days, the last match was held in March.

For the premier league, the three-month gap is too long than a regular off-season, which means players have to keep their fitness during the season or stay behind after the action starts again.

The remaining ninety-two matches will be held in a 6-week window such as three rounds a week. On Sunday 26 July the 2019/20 season will end, with the exception of any hiccups on the way.

On Wednesday 17 June 2020 the Premier League first match will be held between Aston Villa and Sheffield United.

Villa should have aligned the blades before the lockdown, but the match was delayed because of their participation in the Carabao Cup final.

Manchester City got the victory in that final, but their match against Arsenal was delayed for the same reason. Man City VS Arsenal match will begin on 17 June at 8:15 pm.

Each Premier League will be level on 29 games once these four teams have played on Wednesday night. Check the regular schedule below:

17 June 2020
Sheff Utd VS Aston Villa , Time: 18:00 ,(Sky Sports)
Arsenal VS Man City , Time: 20:15, (Sky Sports)

19 June 2020
Southampton VS Norwich City, Time: 18:00, (Sky Sports)
Man Utd VS Spurs, Time: 20:15 (Sky Sports)

20 June 2020
Leicester City VS Watford, Time: 12:30, (BT Sport)
Arsenal VS Brighton, Time: 15:00 , (BT Sport)
Wolves VS West Ham, Time: 17:30,  (Sky Sports)
Crystal Palace VS AFC Bournemouth, Time; 19:45 ,(BBC)

21 June 2020
Sheff Utd VS Newcastle United,14:00,  (Sky Sports)
Chelsea VS Aston Villa, Time: 16:15, (Sky Sports)
Liverpool VS Everton, Time: 19:00 (Sky Sports)

22 June 2020
Burnley VS Man City , Time: 18:00,(Sky Sports)

23 June 2020
Brighton VS Leicester City, Time: 18:00 (Sky Sports)
West Ham VS Spurs, Time: 20:15 (Sky Sports)

24 June 2020
Sheff Utd VS Man Utd, Time: 18:00 (Sky Sports)
Aston Villa VS Newcastle United, Time: 18:00 (BT Sport)
Everton VS Norwich City, Time: 18:00 (BBC)
AFC Bournemouth VS Wolves ,Time: 18:00 (BT Sport)
Crystal Palace VS Liverpool, Time: 20:15(Sky Sports)

25 June 2020
Watford VS Burnley ,Time: 18:00  (Sky Sports)
Arsenal VS Southampton , Time: 18:00 (Sky Sports)
Man City VS Chelsea , Time: 20:15 (BT Sport)

27 June 2020
Wolves VS Aston Villa, Time: 12:30  (BT Sport)

28 June 2020
Southampton VS Watford , Time: 16:30 (Sky Sports/Pick)

29 June 2020
Burnley VS Crystal Palace , Time: 20:00 

30 June 2020
Man Utd VS Brighton, Time: 20:15 (Sky Sports/Pick)

1 July 2020
Norwich City VS Arsenal, Time: 18:00 (BT Sport)
Newcastle United VS AFC Bournemouth,Time: 18:00 (Sky Sports/Pick)
Leicester City VS Everton,Time: 18:00 (Sky Sports)
Chelsea VS West Ham, Time: 20:15 (Sky Sports)

2 July 2020
Spurs VS Sheff Utd, Time: 18:00 (Sky Sports)
Liverpool VS Man City , Time: 20:15 (Sky Sports)

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